Under the AgroEcoHealth Platform we have facilities for screening insecticide resistance profiles developed by insects following their exposure to agro-chemicals. We conduct these studies on several insects of agricultural, medical, and veterinary importance. We also have molecular tools and facilities for investigating resistance pathways and mapping the distribution of resistance mechanisms.

Our quality control laboratory is well equipped for analyzing several contaminants on food products (pesticide residues, heavy metals, microorganisms) and in improving food safety. We have recently conducted several analyses of contaminants on vegetable samples from Cameroon and Benin and we are expecting more samples from Niger and Mali. We have also screened pesticide residues after treatments of maize for FAW control in Northern Nigeria. We are currently analyzing the molecular basis of insecticide resistance for several agricultural pests such as Maruca vitrata (cowpea pest) Helicoverpa armigera (cotton pest) and FAW (maize pest).


Rousseau Djouaka: Molecular entomologist, Head AgroEcoHealth Platform, R.Djouaka@cgiar.org